Saint Saviour brings Union to the UK with autumn 2012 tour

Posted: 10th September 2012
Acclaimed electro torch-singer to promote debut album with November shows, tickets on sale now/Wednesday 12th September

You can tell a lot by a singer's choice of cover version - a quick glance at Saint Saviour's Soundcloud uploads lists an enigmatic roll call of Kate Bush ('Army Dreamers'), M83 ('Midnight City'), Depeche Mode ('Enjoy the Silence'), Siouxsie and the Banshees ('Happy House') and Yoko Ono ('Death of Samantha'). Add in her unbridled admiration for Grace Jones, whom she appeared with at Lovebox 2012, once as vocalist with her other 'day-job' Groove Armada and once on stage in her own slot, and you have Becky Jones in a nutshell.

Musically, you can hear references to all six artists - Many tracks from her Anatomy EP and debut album 'Union' (released in June of this year), are woven with the melodramatic, the powerful and the electronic potency concealed in the grooves of their records, as well as Jones own incredible set of pipes. Tracks such as 'This Ain't No Hymn' and 'Red Sun' are not so much sung as bellowed, all faultlessly and beautifully in tune, natch. Saint Saviour, named after a quiet enclave of London's Tower dockside development, is surely destined for some recognition and sales pretty soon.

And, if you thought 'Union' had been released without a huge amount of fanfare, think again - Saint Saviour is on the road with it in November, starting with Stockton on the 2nd and followed by several shows in Oxford, Liverpool, Birmingham and more. Other towns and cities will be announced in due course - meanwhile you can buy tickets from us now for Liverpool and Leicester (£8) with the rest set to go on sale from 9am Wednesday 12th September, at similar prices.

Paul Pledger