FM tune into new studio album with 2013 UK tour

Posted: 6th September 2012
Legendary classic rock band follow up Indiscreet 25th Anniversary with seventh long-player, tickets on sale Friday 7th September

After spending around 12 years apart, many fans wondered if FM would ever regroup again. But regroup they did, not only for a tour, but also for a brand new album entitled 'Metropolis' which was released in 2010 to considerable acclaim. Original band-members Merv, Pete and Steve must be pondering their next move with renewed hunger. Last year's celebratory 25th anniversary shows for their classic-rock debut 'Indiscreet' were pretty much a sell-out - not bad for a style of music often accused of being, well you know, a tad cheesy.

FM, however, were (and still are) not your typical '80s poodle-haired soft-metal outfit - they gained Kudos by writing decent hard-rock anthems such as minor-hit 'Frozen Heart', they were covered by Iron Maiden ('That Girl') and they played dozens of shows to plug the equally well-received follow-up album, 'Tough it Out' (which will no doubt form the basis of a UK tour in 2014 - it'll be 25 years old then). They've also never resembled poodles.

And mercifully, they still don't slot neatly into rock's graveyard shift of gratuitous money-making or late arrivals, short sets and hang-ups - FM have a new album coming and that's reason enough to park the nostalgia for a while and concentrate on delivering the follow-up to 'Metropolis', backed up by a tour.

2013 sees the lads back in action with a UK tour in March, starting in Pontypridd on the 15th and followed by Wolves, Glasgow, Bingley and more until heading to London's Shepherd's Bush for a gig on the 23rd March. Tickets are on sale from us on Friday 7th September, with prices starting at around £16.50.

Paul Pledger