Dylan Carlson announces solo UK dates for autumn 2012

Posted: 31st August 2012
The Earth guitarist will play dates across the UK in October, tickets available now

Dylan Carlson recently committed to record a new album in the UK, thanks to funds raised from fans using Intriguingly titled 'Falling with a Thousand Stars and Other Wonders from the House of Albion', the new record is a work in progress, tentatively set for release in May 2013.

Ahead of the new album and in the midst of Carlson's apparent love affair with 'Albion', the Seattle-born guitarist has announced a series of autumn shows. The solo record, away from his day-job as guitarist with drone-doom outfit Earth, represents a continuation of Carlson's renaissance following well documented illness and drug addiction for many years around the turn of the century. Once Kurt Cobain's roommate, Dylan Carlson is purported to have purchased the very shotgun the Nirvana frontman used to commit suicide, with Cobain taking possession of the weapon for 'self-defence purposes'. The singer's death and Carlson's own demons cast long shadows but, creatively, the guitarist has now been firing on all cylinders for six or seven years.

With an enthralling backstory and something of a grunge pedigree, Carlson's loyal UK following which helped fund 'Falling with a Thousand Stars...' are set to be rewarded with some live sets this autumn. The tour kicks off at Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh on 11th October, followed by dates in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Manchester, Bristol and Brighton, before the final date announced so far at Corsica Studios on 19th October 2012. We have tickets for all dates available now, priced £13 for London and just £8 or £9 for the remaining gigs.

After the headline shows, Dylan is also appearing at Supersonic Festival 2012 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. We have weekend tickets available now, priced £80.

Stewart Darkin