Gary Numan unveils Dead Moon Falling December 2012 UK tour

Posted: 14th August 2012
Norwich show has been rescheduled to be included in handful of promotional dates, tickets on sale for all dates now
Gary Numan

For a large chunk of the first decade of the 21st-century, one Gary Webb's usually prolific output of studio albums seemed to grind to a halt in 2006 with "Jagged", until last year's return to the fray with "Dead Son Rising". In between the two, a whole plethora of live fan-club albums found their way onto the schedules, including entire sets of best-sellers "Telekon", "Replicas" and "The Pleasure Principle" and even the not-long-unleashed concert reprisal of the aforementioned "Jagged". Fans of Gary Numan have certainly been given plenty of product to buy.

And that doesn't look like changing any time soon. "Dead Son Rising" is merely a build up to another pair of upcoming albums, one of which is a remix collection drawing from his entire solo catalogue. Whilst Numan has often cited John Foxx as a key influence, he himself has subsequently inspired other musicians and bands, some of whom have been selected to rejig his older material. Nine Inch Nails, Alec Empire and Gazelle Twin are mooted to be in the mix. The band Officers will also be repeating Battle's collaborative triumph from last year by also recording a track with Numan.

But the key event in the not-too-distant future is "Splinter", Numan's next studio project. Currently due for release in 2013, the 21st Numan album is sure to be as eagerly snapped up as previous releases and whilst the singer hasn't recently replicated his glory days of "Cars", "Are Friends Electric" and "She's Got Claws", his loyal legion of fans will be out in force for its release and the preceding tour.

The Dead Moon Falling tour will begin in Southampton on 2nd December, followed by Manchester, London etc until Nottingham on the 8th. Please note that the previously organized trip to Norwich on 7th September has been rescheduled and added to this tour and will now take place on 5th December (original tickets are valid). We now have tickets to that and all other shows with prices ranging from £20 to £25.

Paul Pledger