Mystery Jets to explore Radlands on autumn UK tour

Posted: 6th August 2012
New line-up to perform extensive run of shows for recent Top 40 album, tickets on sale Friday 10th August
Mystery Jets

If you've ever attended a pub music quiz and been asked to name any one of Mystery Jets' twelve singles, you might have struggled to contribute more than three, maybe four, titles to the list. There's that one with 'Dennis' in the title and the one that mentions 'waiting in vain' a lot. The thing is, these boys have been regular inclusions on playlists across radio-land, yet their song titles (to the uninitiated) slip quietly by. Yet Mystery Jets are the proud owners of four Top 50 albums and double the number of Top 50 singles - they also have a legion of fans. Who needs the mainstream, anyway?

Actually, Twickenham's spiky guitar-pop outfit might be aiming a bit higher with the cheekily-titled new single 'Greatest Hits'. It's the one that sounds like 'Stuck in the Middle With You' (Stealer's Wheel) and as soon as you hear it, the penny drops - it's a bit of a winner, truth be told. Taken from their most recent album 'Radlands' (itself rather an uplifting assemblage), 'Greatest Hits' is currently being caned by BBC 6Music and deserves a wider audience with its perky alt-country/roots surfer-boy harmonies and still-quirky line in lyrics - have a listen.

Later this year, after giving Reading and Leeds cause to bounce, Mystery Jets will be touring the UK in November with the opening night set to kick off in Oxford on the 4th, followed by the likes of Cambridge, Brighton, Preston, Sheffield and a monster gig at the Royal Festival Hall in London on the 29th. More shows are due to be announced but meanwhile you can swing by our site on Friday and pick up tickets. Prices cost around £14-£15.

Paul Pledger