Axewound circle like Vultures to confirm autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 30th July 2012
Metal supergroup promise no holds-barred shows in October, tickets on sale Wednesday 1st July

When a band member is quoted as describing their new combined material as "metal as f***" and "f***ing violent", you kind of have to sit up and listen. And then start cowering. Axewound clearly didn't dream up their name by sifting through a copy of Viz character Roger Mellie's Profanisaurus (if they had, they'd have called themselves 'Caramel Ditch' or 'Gutted Trout') and therefore must have been thinking about what their music needs to resemble when it hits people's eardrums and brains. Like Team GB's football team, it's not pretty but it does the job. Hello to Axewound.

Comprised of Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck, Cancer Bats' Liam Cormier, Rise to Remain's Joe Copcutt, Pitchshifter's Jason Bowld and Glamour of the Kill's Mike Kingswood, Axewound were never likely to be performing cover versions of One Direction, Cliff Richard or Red Hot Chilli Pepper songs, now were they going to compromise their day-jobs by pussy-footing around with anything other than aural thunder. Recent single 'Post Apocalyptic Party' is only the start - we've also got their upcoming album 'Vultures' approaching with an ominous inevitability. It WILL be loud.

Their shows probably will be as well, prompting a spike in sales of earplugs and Marshall amps in equal measure. If you want to send your synapses into beautiful spasms, head to Axewound's much-anticipated UK tour in October. They will stop off in Nottingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Wolverhampton, Camden and finally Bristol. Tickets will go on sale via us at 9am Wednesday, priced from £12.50 upwards.

Paul Pledger