The Luna Cinema presents open-air 2012 screenings of film classics across the South East

Posted: 30th July 2012
Madness of King George, West Side Story, Shrek, The King's Speech, Singin' In The Rain and many more to be aired during August and September, tickets on sale now
The Luna Cinema

Y'know, despite the occasionally atrocious weather in this country, we Brits don't have such a bad old time when it comes to entertainment outdoors (and indoors, for that matter). Aside from all the usual fetes, air shows, circuses, festivals, stadium shows, firework displays, stunt showcases and theatre, there is always something a little different to whet our appetites and thrill our senses.

Sitting outside watching films isn't anything new of course, but Britain's Luna Cinema have long since been going one better than the American drive-thrus, a B-movie horror flick and a grope between the soft-top and the leatherette. Luna has one simple remit - to provide you with a full-sized cinema screening of a classic film in a beautiful or unusual location. During the past five years they've organized screenings within castle grounds, next to swimming pools and historical mansions and even though this year's season started last week, there are still some fantastic films to catch across the South East.

Below is the full line-up of currently-available options, but the highlights in August range from 'Singin' In The Rain' and 'Madness of King George' showing at Hampton Court on the 4th and 5th respectively, the ever-popular 'Back to the Future' at the grounds of Rochester Castle on the 11th and the excellent 'Flash Gordon' (with that classic Queen soundtrack) in Battersea Park on the 24th. Kids will also love 'Shrek' being shown at Lulworth Castle on 22nd August.

In September you can see 'The King's Speech' and 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' at Hayward's Heath's Wakehurst Place on the 14th and 15th, as well as hilarious comedy 'When Harry Met Sally' in Dulwich Park on the 20th and the classic 'West Side Story' at Hampton Court on the 22nd. Fans of 'Grease' can see the original Travolta/Newton-John musical at Kew Gardens on 8th September.

There are over a dozen lavish venues featured in Luna Cinema's summer screenings and, at £12.50-£16.50 a ticket, you may pay a little more than for sitting in a sweaty, popcorn-filled flea-pit with sticky seats but it's got to be worth it. They don't (often) make them or screen them like this anymore.

Paul Pledger