Michael Schenker returns with Temple of Rock for UK tour in 2013

Posted: 24th July 2012
Legendary rocker to perform career-spanning shows across the country, tickets on sale now/Wednesday
Michael Schenker

According to various bios, you can thank one Rudolf Schenker for brother Michael's meteoric rise to rock's hall of fame as one of the world's greatest metal guitarists, certainly one of the most influential and a prolific performer - proof that being in your '50s is merely a statistic and NOT a state of mind or physicality. The muscles and sinews in Schenker's right arm are showing little sign of disintegrating anytime soon, despite using it for things other than riffing on a Gibson V (raising a few too many glasses and the very occasional narcotic diversion, according to legend).

But Schenker has been nothing if not a resolute fighter and has a catalogue that is the envy of many rock hopefuls today. A short stay in Scorpions, a longer tumultuous one in UFO and then his own incarnations that include MSG (Michael Schenker Group and McAuley Schenker Group) plus his own group-less outings, represent something of a rollercoaster ride to some. But the highlights are many and his earlier '70s material and his first few outings as a soloist in the '80s are certainly well worth remembering and then buying. 'Assault Attack' by MSG, 'Lonesome Crow' by Scorpions, 'Force It' by UFO, you decide.

His most recent outing, 'Temple of Rock', marked something of a return to the early days with ex-Scorpions members Francis Bucholz on bass and Herman Rarebell on drums and it's this album and much more that will feature again on Schenker's next live tour, which will soak up some UK venues during its course. He toured under the Temple of Rock banner in 2011/12 yet didn't feature much of the new album, so perhaps you can look forward to different selections and new material, as well as those classics.

April 2013 will see Schenker perform in Stockton on the 9th, followed by the likes of Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Falmouth (all on sale now) plus Newcastle, Bristol and Oxford (on sale Wednesday 25th July). The tour will currently end in Norwich on 21st April 2013. Ticket prices average around £22.50 and a London show may be added in due course.

Paul Pledger