Public Service Broadcasting scale Everest with autumn 2012 dates

Posted: 20th September 2012
New single and additional UK shows announced as follow-up to The War Room EP, we have tickets available now
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If you're a regular and reasonable astute listener of BBC 6Music, you may have heard the recently-released 'Spitfire' track, a sort of instrumental homage to 'the brave air-corps chaps fighting during the war', blasting out during the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Whilst not an intentional corroboration with patriotism, it was hard not to feel a bit stiff-lipped and steely-nerved every time it appeared on the radio. Spitfire's classic guitar motif and motorik insistency ensured multiple plays and a thumbs-up on Lammo's Roundtable.

The follow-up radio track, 'London Can Take It', continued the war theme (rather than being a comment on the capital's transport network's ability to handle the Olympics) with more samples from the past and another semi-epic instrumental behind them. The top-notch accompanying EP 'The War Room' rounds up both songs with a further handful of similar ideas.

To continue with their exploration of coveted archives, their latest attentions have turned from wartime to adventure and to the hills or, to be more precise, the most awed mountain in the world. New single 'Everest' will be released on 12th November, mid-way through a string of newly-added tour-dates, hence this update.

The new Public Service Broadcasting 'Everest' tour starts in Poole on 12th October, followed by the likes of Norwich, Glasgow, Edinburgh and more before concluding in Cardiff on 5th December. We have tickets and links to the shows, with prices averaging around a tenner or less.

Meanwhile, check out that frightfully splendid new single above.

Paul Pledger