Serj Tankian unveils new album and October 2012 UK tour

Posted: 18th July 2012
System of a Down frontman unleashes Harakiri on city venues, tickets on sale Friday 20th July
System of a Down

No-one could accuse Serj Tankian of being a shrinking violet or a slacker - and if they dared, you'd imagine that the busy and outspoken vocalist with System of a Down might 'have a word' with the accuser. Rather than being your average rock behemoth, Tankian fronts one of the most respected bands on the circuit AND has time to squeeze in the occasional solo album AND has time to front a non-political activist organization called Axis of Justice (with Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, no less). It must be something in the Beirut water.

His Lebanese roots might not show through on SOAD albums too often, but Tankian's solo efforts have all had a message attached to them, not least perhaps with his last album, 'Imperfect Harmonies', which contained tracks such as 'Disowned Inc.', 'Borders Are' and 'Left of Center'. Even the booklet was printed on reclaimed paper (the methods were researched by Tankian himself).

Musically not easy to pigeonhole, Serj has previously utilized the talents of orchestras and combos from all walks of life, not just rock. For his third album 'Harakiri', he's kept it simple with a punkier quartet and, to ensure that workload doesn't let up, announced that this is the first of a quartet of solo albums set for release in the next few years. Which means lots more live shows.

Tankian will take 'Harakiri' on the road in the autumn, including a handful of UK shows which will start in Shepherd's Bush on 7th October, followed by Manchester on the 8th and finally Birmingham on the 10th. We will have tickets for his shows from 9am on Friday 20th July, priced at £22 (£24 for London).

Paul Pledger