Devlin to bring A Moving Picture on autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 17th July 2012
Young grime star announces handful of dates to promote second album, tickets Friday 20th July
Ed Sheeran

If you've been listening to Radio One in the dim, wet and distant past, you might have heard of some bloke called Ed Sheeran, y'know the sheepish looking lad who hangs out with rappers and grimers. Sings a bit. Does a spot of beatboxing. Flame-haired fella, you know the one. Of course, I'm being deliberately glib - Ed Sheeran pretty much owned 2011 with his string of hits and 2012 has seen him keep up the momentum with two BRITs and an Ivor Novello Award for Best Song (for 'The 'A' Team'). So what about young rapper Devlin? Where does he fit into all of this?

Dagenham's grimiest rising star hasn't been shy of linking up with other like-minded acts either, using Giggs, Yasmin and Labrinth on his last few singles to good effect, with 'Runaway' being his biggest hit thus far. But that is all about to change because Devlin and Ed Sheeran have hooked up for what could be a stone-cold #1 smash in 'Watchtower'. Predictably enough, Jimi Hendrix's moody rock classic has been adapted for what is a moodier urban commentary, replete with a slick video that draws from Brit-flicks like Adulthood and, perhaps, Ill Manors. It works. It might not be the first time the equation rock + rap = pop has been applied, but it's a natty cover nonetheless.

All of which bodes well for Devlin's second album, due in the autumn. Called 'A Moving Picture', his sophomore release will build upon the Top 30 success of 'Bud Sweat and Beers', with a short UK tour planned to follow-up the single (due out in August). The confirmed towns in November include Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester and finally London on the 13th. Tickets will cost £11.50 - £13 and go on sale via us at 9am Friday 20th July.

Paul Pledger