Gravenhurst announces autumn 2012 UK shows

Posted: 16th July 2012
Alt-rock polymath Nick Talbot follows up festival slots with September gigs, on sale now

Typing Gravenhurst into Wikipedia throws up results that probably won't surprise many - your choice of Canadian town, Bedfordshire parish or UK band might not excite and entice but the latter's music possibly will.

Essentially, Gravenhurst is multi-instrumentalist and all-round lyrical good egg Nick Talbot, a man who has quietly gone about his business without so much of a mention of his Bristolian connections, nor a hit album to speak of. Well, I say 'quietly' - perhaps his music hasn't always been, bordering on feedback-smothered squalls similar to My Bloody Valentine and Husker Du, yet able to weave a mellow finger-picking good tune like a young Bert Jansch. He's knocked out several albums since he became influenced by the likes of The Smiths, The Cure and Joy Division, staple music meals for hungry, depressed and troubled teenagers and a hot-bed of inspiration for songwriting. He's toured with Broadcast and Explosions in the Sky, both as like-minded as you could wish to get.

This year, Talbot continues with the Gravenhurst ideal with yet another new album, 'The Ghost in Daylight', released back in April by Warp Records. As recent single 'The Prize' reveals, Talbot has opted to tread carefully, mixing his trademark gentle vocal with a subtle pretty epic that conjures up comparisons with Radiohead (circa The Bends) and Pale Saints (when they rocked out).

During the autumn, Gravenhurst the band will be performing a few select shows, including a slot at the End of the Road Festival on 2nd September and a string of headline gigs later the same month. So far, Talbot and co have confirmed Leeds on 24th September, Nottingham on the 25th, London on 26th (the unusual venue of Cecil Sharp House in East London) and Brighton on the 27th. Tickets are on sale now, priced from £7 up to £12.50.

Paul Pledger