Errors get corrected with autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 12th July 2012
Scottish trio return with new album, VHS release and armful of October shows

With the buzz of accreditation from critics ringing in their ears, Glaswegian electro-retro synth-peddling Errors must be wondering how to follow up their previous glorious releases such as this year's full-length album 'Have Faith in Magic'. Y'see, their music isn't as straightforward as the initial burst of bleeps and beat-perfect machines first suggest.

Genre-wise, they dance in the tent labelled '80s homage, sure, but Errors add in the same woozy psychedelia often used by the likes of fellow Scots Boards of Canada and Mogwai, thus confounding idiots like me trying to pigeonhole them. I'll let you do it instead - check out new track 'Relics', for example. I would wager they've borrowed Cocteau Twins' old drum machine for that classic antique snare-sound. Marvellous.

Errors appear to have eschewed the sparky guitar-disco shuffles that smothered earlier songs such as 'A Rumour in Africa' and replaced it with mysterious, almost majestic, angelic vocals and the sort of soaring keyboards you might hear in Bladerunner - this is good. New mini-album 'New Relics' will appear in October and, in keeping with the current fad of cassette releases, have chosen to compliment the standard CD and vinyl editions with... a VHS version as well. Let's hope you've not slung your JVC HR-3300EG away too quickly, eh?

Bringing the whole idea up to date, Errors will also be embarking on a UK tour in October, starting in Manchester on the 10th, followed by Norwich, Newcastle and more until Cardiff on the 20th. Tickets are on sale from us on Friday 13th July from 9am and should set you back around £10 (more for the London show on 18th Oct).

Paul Pledger