Epstein - The Man Who Made The Beatles premieres in Liverpool in November 2012

Posted: 6th July 2012
Brian Epstein's short yet incredible life is charted in a brand new show about the man who did as much to launch The Beatles as John, Paul, George or Ringo - tickets on sale now

London, 1962. A young but fiercely ambitious Liverpudlian Jew called Brian Epstein is in a recording studio with four fresh-faced scousers, laying down a demo which he has paid for, such is his belief in these boys. Decca, in whose studios the tracks were being recorded, were about to make the biggest A&R mistake in pop history.

The label may have been unfathomably unimpressed but Epstein believed in The Beatles. His energy, passion and wit soon helped catch the attention of producer George Martin and an offer from Parlophone followed. The Beatles signed, history covers the rest.

At that time, Brian Epstein was just 27 years old. In the five years that followed, he became as big a part of The Beatles' success as anyone not in the band itself. He continued to hide his homosexuality, which was illegal in the UK until 1967 (the year he died), and nurtured a growing drugs dependency. His life ended, like so many, with an accidental overdose at a young age, his life barely begun yet having already achieved so much. It could be argued that the seeds of break-up for The Beatles were sown then.

Epstein remains a giant of popular music history, nowhere more so than in his and the band's hometown of Liverpool where the Epstein Theatre formally opens with its first major production, Epstein The Play. The one-man multimedia show, written by Andrew Sherlock and directed by Jen Heyes, runs from 15th November to 1st December 2012.

We have tickets available now priced from £10 for previews (15th to 17th November) and from £13 thereafter. Tickets to see this rarely told tale are likely to be in high demand, so don't delay!

Stewart Darkin