Richard Herring will be Talking Cock (again) from autumn 2012

Posted: 2nd July 2012
The veteran of shows including Hitler Moustache and What Is Love, Anyway? is reviving his 2002 show Talking Cock for a second coming, tickets available now
Richard Herring

Funny never takes a day off. Neither does sex. Not like the banks, or Ken Bruce. No, we're always laughing and, we're told, always talking or thinking about sex and its many facets. Comedians know this, of course, and so many try a little too hard, ending up in a lather of double entendre and innuendo and not quite as many titters from the audience as they'd hoped.

But not Richard Herring. He's not frightened of talking about anything; he even spent all that time sporting a toothbrush moustache, made famous/infamous by Hitler. His big solo breakthrough (after a fruitful partnership with Stewart Lee) came at Edinburgh around a decade ago with his show Talking Cock. It wasn't a euphemism. It was about the male part. A man's answer to the The Vagina Monologues, the Guardian called it. Talking Cock was a huge hit, not least across Europe and France in particular. And its success precipitated a rollercoaster 10 years or so that have seen Richard Herring earn the sobriquet of 'King of Edinburgh' for his endlessly inventive and unrelentingly popular annual shows.

Edinburgh 2012 will see the premiere of Talking Cock 2: The Second Coming. You can guess what it's about. You can also rest assured that it will make you laugh a lot. And, as is the fashion, the new show will leave the Scottish capital and head off on a huge tour, the pre-amble to all of which is a clutch of preview/warm-up shows this month, with the full tour kicking off in Liverpool on 7th October.

Most recently, Richard has added three more tour dates for the Purcell Room in London on 17th, 19th and 20th November. We have tickets available now, priced £15. We also have a HUGE range of tickets including those preview slots throughout July, including E4 Udderbelly, and dates into May 2013.

Stewart Darkin