Fuerzabruta returns to London for 2012/13 shows

Posted: 2nd July 2012
Visually stunning dance spectacular to perform month-long residency at the Roundhouse, tickets on sale now

When you read a vivid description that includes the words 'sizzling', 'sensual' and 'electrifying', you could either be eyes-deep in a scandal-filled article in a tabloid newspaper that involves someone's cleavage falling out a dress or reading about a theatrical breakthrough called Fuerzabruta. Being as we don't much go for idle gossip, it's the latter that we're concerned with here.

Founded in Argentina during 2005, Fuerzabruta is something of a sensation. Forget visiting a traditional theatre, cast aside thoughts of classical ballet or street-dancing and leave behind preconceptions of going home dry, the acclaimed show will leave you breathless and positively drenched. Fuerzabruta utilizes extreme stunts, dancing (that's where you come in) and a full '360-degree sensory-overload'. There are men charging through doors, scantily-clad ladies swimming in a suspended clear-perspex pool above your head, lots of water, lots of energetic writhing (as you do) and a pounding soundtrack guaranteed to blow the doors of your mind clean off.

The show has toured the world and has also been performing in New York for the best part of five years. One previous stop was at London's Roundhouse in 2006, just after its refurb, and fans of the show will be delighted to learn of its impending return at the end of this year. The hour-long extravaganza will be performed at the Camden venue from 27th December until 26th January 2013, with the choice of two shows per day, one at 7.30 and the second at 10pm.

We have tickets for all Fuerzabruta shows right now, with prices starting at £35. Book early as this show is sure to gain lots of attention in the run-up to the season.

Paul Pledger