Kris Kristofferson announces autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 27th June 2012
Award-winning country singer returns for first British shows for two years, tickets on sale now/Friday 29th June

Since the mid-'60s, genial and likeable country crooner Kris Kristofferson has been quietly performing romantic and radiant roots songs without so much as a fanfare or self-satisfying fireworks display to detract listeners. To paraphrase the well-known beer advert, 'Kristofferson doesn't do brash, but if he did....', well you know the rest.

His early career centred on his adaptation to life outside of the army, using Nashville as a source of inspiration and personal atonement and carving a notch on the bedpost of fame as a jobbing songwriter for the likes of Jerry Lee Lewis, Roger Miller and Faron Young. Miller recorded one of Kristofferson's signature tunes, 'Me and Bobby McGhee', a song that was destined to follow him throughout his career. In 1971, ex-lover Janis Joplin scored a huge hit with the track before passing away while Melissa Etheridge, Dolly Parton and Tori Amos have all had a crack at it in later years.

Despite his success as a songwriter and eventually a singer, Kristofferson left the Cashs and the Nelsons to gain their own notoriety and forged a considerable career in acting, getting nominated for a BAFTA in 'Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid' (soundtracked by and also starring Bob Dylan) and swearing at authority in ace juggernaut road-racing CB-usin' behemoth, 'Convoy'. But it's his music that has consistently drawn fans back to his art, his most recent outings having been 2009's studio-set, 'Closer to the Bone' and last year's compilation, 'Playlist: The Very Best'.

Later in 2012, you can catch the enigmatic Obama-supporting maverick as he returns to the UK for his first shows in over two years, starting with Liverpool on 4th December and followed by Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Cardiff and Belfast. The Scottish and Irish shows are on sale now, with the remainder going on sale via us from 9am on Friday 29th June. Prices average around £30.

Paul Pledger