Allo Darlin' confirm full-length autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 22nd June 2012
Aussie-British summery pop outfit to bring Europe to your door in Aug/Sept, tickets on sale now

It's during wet, windy, flood-warned, soaked and downright effing miserable weather like today's (and, if you're reading this in July and August, the same) when you really really need a bit of cheering up. If the thought of more news about tax-evading, strikes and market-square detonations is enough to have you running to the hills, who are ya gonna call? Allo Darlin' of course!

OK, let's be certain about that name - they're not a comedy troupe or all-singing, all-dancing version of 'On The Buses' or 'Eastenders', but a sprightly, jangly and breezy pop-combo hailing from Australia, a country that knows all about sunshine, and er, Kent, a county that doesn't (at the moment, at any rate). Formed from a circle of friends just a few years ago, Allo Darlin' have so far released two acclaimed albums and a plethora of singles for the just-as-summery Fortuna Pop! imprint. Unfortunately labelled as 'twee-pop' during some write-ups, their sound has more than a passing reference to mid-'80s and '90s outfits like The Pastels, Orange Juice, Go-Betweens, Lush, Saint Etienne and most of the Sarah label's roster, but without too much miserablism or eccentricity involved.

Their self-titled debut album issued in 2010 is a joy to behold and is 75% stone-cold radio-play material, while 2012's rather groovy follow-up, 'Europe' contains one of this year's best singles, 'Capricornia'. If only all bands or singers got a grip, took a look at themselves and cheered up every so often, the mainstream might be a bit less po-faced and 'up itself' and more like a long cool cocktail. After the 'summer' has passed by, you might want to consider drinking in Allo Darlin's infectious sunshine by catching them on their next UK tour.

Calling points on the jaunt include Leeds on 31st August, followed by September shows in Bristol, Newcastle, Brighton and more until London on 13th. Tickets are available now and won't cost you more than a tenner, except the good old capital (but even that is just £11.50).

Paul Pledger