Head Automatica return with new album and summer 2012 UK tour

Posted: 21st June 2012
Glassjaw frontman Daryl Palumbo's other band to release "Swan Damage" and perform handful of shows, tickets are on sale now/Friday
Glassjaw - Image:

You can't accuse singer Daryl Palumbo of resting on his laurels and performing the same old tunes, day in day out. Apart from being the screaming firebrand in off-the-wall rock eccentrics Glassjaw, he also moonlights on plenty of other projects that don't resemble his main interest. As well as appearing on and mentoring dozens of like-minded rock acts (and curiously, downbeat rap-crazies Handsome Boy Modeling School), Palumbo has also made a handful of albums with United Nations (power-screamo 'supergroup' with members of Thursday and Converge), Cold Cave and Head Automatica. His cool surname evokes images of shabbily-dressed TV detectives, but there's been nothing untidy about the bloke's music thus far.

Head Automatica have previously issued two full-length albums in the form of 2004's 'Decadence' and 'Popaganda', which appeared two years later. Both vaguely resemble the brash sounds of My Chemical Romance's later material combined with INXS to these ears, a blend of the glam, the loud and the sleazy. After recently peddling new heavier songs with Glassjaw during the past year or so, it's clearly time for a change of scene for a while, which all translates as the return of Head Automatica.

With a third album completed and in the bag, tour dates have been assembled for a UK tour in August, starting with Southampton on the 5th and followed by London, Manchester, Glasgow and finally (for now) Nottingham. All shows are on sale now priced at £12.50 EXCEPT for the show at the Islington Garage - this hits the servers on Friday 22nd June at 9am, priced at £15.

Paul Pledger