Pam Ann packs her bags for Around The World 2013/14 dates

Posted: 21st June 2012
Comedian Caroline Reid's bitchy air hostess is heading off on a huge Around The World Tour with two stopovers in the UK - tickets on sale now
Pam Ann

Ah, the golden age of aviation. Dinner with a knife and fork, smoking in rows 22 to 44 and gloriously camp, surly air stewardesses. Much has changed. These days, if you get dinner, you've almost certainly paid extra for it in advance and it'll come in a plastic tray which appears to have been heated in a blast furnace.

But some things never seem to change. Sure, the stewardesses are now rightly known as cabin crew and the once-sexist uniforms are now a little more professional and forgiving. Whatever these guardians of the sky are referred to, one thing remains - you do not mess with a hostess.

Part homage, part brutal parody, Caroline Reid's Pam Ann has been scaling the heights since first taking off in 1996. Character comedy only ever succeeds if it is devastatingly clever. For a character who has, since the launch of her career, witnessed the utter transformation of the role in which she is cast, Pam Ann has more than endured; she has prospered.

Popular worldwide, Pam Ann's Aussie camp speaks a language everyone understands - the in-flight experience is unerringly similar the world over. And the industry also appears to love her, with Reid's creation starring in an ad campaign for British Airways and seeing her live DVD making it onto the Qantas in-seat entertainment schedule. As popular as ever, Pam Ann is already planning for next year and beyond.

The lengthy tour drops into the UK early next year with February 2013 dates including Oxford, Hayes (two gigs), Bournemouth and more, including two shows at the Manchester Opera House on 1st/2nd March 2013.

As any airline crew member will know, it is important to plan ahead which is exactly what Pam Ann has done by scheduling two Hammersmith Apollo gigs for March 2014. We have tickets for all these shows available now, priced from around £20.

Stewart Darkin