Liars wish you could come to their autumn 2012 UK tour

Posted: 18th June 2012
New York dance-punk trio celebrate new album with handful of British shows, on sale from Wednesday 20th June

There's a strange, unsettling, brooding feeling about Liars, a band who unfortunately have to be included in the seemingly never-ending string of creativity pouring out of Brooklyn like bland own-brand sausage-meat (after all, they originally hail from that part of the world). Nowadays though, the far-from-grey-and-uninteresting experimental electronic trio tend to record and hone their craft in Los Angeles, as with recent albums 'Liars' and 'Sisterworld'.

But their genesis can be traced back to the beginning of the century when Liars issued their debut album, 'They Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On Top', a title that poked a rigid finger up at the critics all too keen to lump them in with other 'dance-punk-funk' bands around at the time (most of the DFA roster, The Rapture etc). The electronic ingredients had yet to be mixed and the album was passed off as another band with a Gang of Four fetish - which was somewhat unfair. The follow-up, 'They Were Wrong, So We Drowned' was seen as something of a portent of fortunes - it bombed and with it, their reputation nose-dived with certain publications.

By 2007 though, Liars' pistons had reached a full head of steam and they issued a self-titled fourth set which appeared to recoup some of the faith Mute Records had placed in them. Their live shows transformed into cultish experiences and 2009's 'Sisterworld' earned them a slot on Portishead's ATP I'll Be Your Mirror weekend last year. This year? They've just wowed a fair number of people at East London's Field Day, they've just released a brand new album in 'WIXIW' (phonetically 'wish you') and are currently putting together a tour, the first dates for which have just been revealed.

So far, Liars have confirmed Leeds for 10th October, Portsmouth for the 14th, Cambridge on 15th and another London show, this time at the Scala on the 16th. More shows may be added in due course - meanwhile, head back to us on Wednesday 20th June for when tickets go on sale at 9am.

Paul Pledger