Russell Kane offers his Posturing Delivery with massive UK tour for 2012/13

Posted: 13th June 2012
Award-winning comedian set to perform 'a live birth onstage' every night, tickets on sale from Friday 15th June
Russell Kane

Much has been made of Essex citizen Kane's humble and, let's be honest, less than glamorous upbringing and background. Born in Enfield, raised in Essex, schooled in Middlesex (a county that officially doesn't really exist anymore) - oh OK that last bit is probably out of the ordinary - not many of us have even heard of Middlesex (I lived in it once, lovely place) - won awards, moved back to Essex.

Home is certainly where the laugh is. Much of Russell Kane's absorbing, award-winning monologues and physically demanding stage skits are derived from his own experiences, either as a teenager, young man, reluctant stand-up or occasional TV personality (he once presented one of those 'Get Me Out Of Here' things). His shows also suggest a bookish but busy brain with Fakespeare and Human Dressage seeing him nominated for Edinburgh Comedy Awards (he won it in 2010) and, of late, he's been selling out larger and larger tours (Manscaping springs to mind) to the point where servers are starting to creak under the strain.

2012 sees Russell Kane return to the stage with a brand new show entitled 'Posturing Delivery'. In a recurring Kanesque theme, the question of a man's role comes to the fore again, not least child-birth. As his quoted tag-line for the tour suggests, "What if I'm one of the guys who never has a baby? Why is this not a male subject? I plan to give birth, live on stage, then raise it - in front of you. Come along!", the mind will boggle. Expect the unexpected. Expect the expecting.

The tour will begin after two shows at London's Pleasance Theatre (16th/17th July) and a string of Edinburgh Fringe shows during August, starting with a bevy of warm-ups in Pocklington, Barnsley, Luton and more until Bridport on 7th October. Then it's sleeves up with the full tour from Barnstaple on 15th October, right through the likes of Salford, Hammersmith and Middlesbrough on 30th November, before resuming again on 1st February on home-turf (ish) in Colchester. At the moment, the whole tour is set to finish up in Belfast on 4th May 2013.

We will have tickets to both the warm-ups and the Posturing Delivery shows (both full-length, the warm-ups are in smaller venues) from Friday 15th June at 9am. Prices average at £17.50.

Paul Pledger