Turbonegro to follow-up Reading and Leeds Festival with autumn 2012 UK shows

Posted: 11th June 2012
Controversial Norwegian shock-punks release new album and play Manchester and London, tickets on sale from Friday 15th June

When a band's album is allegedly described as 'so f***ing punk, it'll tear you a new asshole', you somehow get the feeling that a triple-header tour with Cliff Richard and Rumer might not be on the cards anytime soon (unless the money's right, naturally). It's just as well when that aforementioned outfit have issued albums as subtle as 'Ass Cobra', 'Scandinavian Leather' and a debut entitled, 'Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives'. They might just make it as support at an Ann Summers party, dressed like that as well.

Turbonegro give Norwegian rock a very bad name and there's nothing wrong with that, provided you can back it up with tunes, attitude and a little bit of theatre. Thankfully, they can. Imagine Iggy Pop, Lemmy, GG Allin and Kiss all indulging in one big denim orgy and you're someway close to figuring out just what the devil makes these boys tick. Oh and you know we mentioned those album titles earlier? Their singles aren't much cleaner - their new one out now is called 'You Give Me Worms'. THAT is rock and roll right there.

Not surprisingly, Turbonegro have a big devoted following known as the Navy (as opposed to the Kiss Army) and have ensured that the band have survived most musical genres since their inception in the late '80s.They didn't let a couple of hiatuses break them down, at any rate - in fact, they've just recently regrouped to bring you a new album and new shows. Gulp.

The album, 'Sexual Harassment', is due out in August and will be followed up by two shows at this year's Reading and Leeds Festivals. If you don't fancy wading through a swamp to see them, you're best waiting for two headlining shows few months later. The lucky cities are London on 22nd November and Manchester on the 23rd with tickets available via us on Friday 15th June. Prices are a generous £15 for Camden and £13.50 for Manchester. Be warned - these tickets might not be your ideal Father's Day gift.

Paul Pledger