Parkway Drive confirm autumn 2012 UK tour dates

Posted: 8th June 2012
Aussie metallers to promote new DVD and album 'Home is for the Heartless' with quartet of city shows, on sale Monday 11th June
Parkway Drive

Since 2002, Australian shouty, sweary, growly and rather classic metalcore outfit Parkway Drive have been pummelling their way around the world, via studios, clubs and venues, screaming their message as if their lives have depended on it. Which, of course, they have. Forget some of the doe-eyed wonders pouring out of the U.S. at present, Down Under, and to be more precise, Byron Bay in NSW, seems to be where its at and a place in which to get pent up and angry. A quick journey through some of their back-catalogue suggests that those local beaches just didn't come up to snuff - so they headed to the States instead.

Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz produced the band's 2005 debut-album, "Killing With a Smile", which featured the songs "Guns For Show, Knives For a Pro", "It's Hard to Speak Without a Tongue" and "Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em". From those titles alone, you know you're in for a very intense ride with Parkway Drive. Sick, in fact.

So sick that the band have just announced a welter of activity for the rest of 2012. With Christmas fast approaching (yes, it's only six months away), thoughts turn to presents and presents could include this band's latest tasty product. Take their forthcoming DVD, for example. "Home is for the Heartless" is due out very soon and features a global travelogue with the band as they perform shows in far reaches (no, not Penzance I'm afraid) and foreign climbs, as well as intimate moments shared with the members of the band.

To follow that, fans have the prospect of a 4th studio album AND a pile of UK tour dates to look forward to. These autumn shows will kick off in Birmingham on 14th November, followed by Manchester, Leeds and London's Roundhouse on the 17th. We will have tickets available from 9am on Monday 11th June. They will sell out.

Paul Pledger