Sean Lock announces Leicester Square Theatre residency for autumn 2012

Posted: 23rd May 2012
Work in Progress shows confirmed for the 15 Storeys High and 8 Out of 10 Cats star, tickets on sale now
Greenwich Comedy Festival

To look at, Sean Lock appears to be a typically ordinary British blokey comedian. Perhaps it's the geeky Glasses, slightly surly demeanour, a dog-scaring smile, sardonic wit and being in the possession of an encyclopaedic brain. Ok then, he's not in the least bit ordinary but, he used to be, coming from Chertsey (a very ordinary unassuming Surrey town) and spending his formative working years on a building site (a very worthy but ordinary job) until his first break drew him away from a world of humping hods and getting soaked to the skin.

Lock's gift turned out to be comedy and started his stand-up career as support to '90s comedy rock 'n' roll duo, Baddiel and Newman. However, it's his next venture which nudged him into the public eye, albeit a very late-night eye. Fifteen Minutes of Misery featured Lock with Kevin Eldon and Hattie Hayridge and was a 15-minute long broadcast that involved Lock's character eavesdropping on his tower block neighbours, using a bugging device. This series became Fifteen Stories High on radio, before transferring to TV as 15 Storeys High and an eventual and undeserved graveyard slot on BBC 2 - it is quite simply one of the funniest, strangest, surrealist shows about a paranoid sociopath you'll ever see. A pity, then, that not many people did stay up past the witching hour to witness the beautiful interplay between sour-faced Vince (played by Lock) and his naive lodger Errol (played by Benedict Wong). Go and buy the two-series DVD and watch it all in one hit.

Nowadays, Sean Lock is a big catch on the comedy circuit, having been promoted to appearing at larger venues and rounding off the past weekend's hilarious Channel 4 Comedy Gala. His own 'Lockepedia' stand-up show was a huge success, not totally unlike his previous TV work and which all bodes well for his next one.

From 12th October to 11th November over the course of eight different nights, you can witness new ideas from the man himself as he performs a clutch of 'work in progress' shows at the Leicester Square Theatre. You'll have to be quick to grab tickets though - he's a popular chap is Sean. Tickets are available from us now, priced from £14.

Lock is also appearing at the Apple Cart 2012 on Sunday 3rd June and the Greenwich Comedy Festival 2012 in July.

Leicester Square Theatre preview shows sold out!

Well, we did say he was a popular chap, but even we didn't expect the tickets for his preview shows to sell that fast. They're now all gone, I'm afraid. We'll keep you posted if he adds more or announces a bigger tour.

Paul Pledger