Jennifer Lopez cancels Manchester Arena 'Dance Again 2012' date

Posted: 11th October 2012
The Manchester Arena gig was to be part of the Dance Again 2012 tour schedule but has now been cancelled.

If you think Lady Gaga is the most influential, powerful and richest celebrity on the planet, best not mention it to Jennifer Lynn Lopez, because J-Lo is, according to numerous US 'lists' THE holder of such a title. It's not hard to see why - she's sold over 55 million releases worldwide, 12 million in the US alone, has notched up four multi-platinum albums amongst them, grosses $15 million PER FILM and was voted Rear of the Year, which to many admirers, counts for far more than having dimes for a parking meter. So then, she's come a long way from her modest Bronx background being 'Jenny From The Block'.

It isn't just the States that she's struck fear into just about every other hopeful singer and dancer - the UK took Lopez to their hearts in 1999 with the album 'On The 6' and the singles 'If You Had My Love' and 'Waiting For Tonight', but her bigger break happened with 2001's 'J.Lo'. Packed with sassy urban-pop, the No 1 collection elevated the Hispanic icon to the throne just recently vacated by Mariah Carey. 'Love Don't Cost a Thing', 'Play', 'I'm Real' - these anthems for cosmetics advertisers were only the start. In fact, as recently as 2011, she hooked up with grimey Pitbull and clocked up another No 1.

Dublin's O2 Arena hosts a show on 19th October, with London's O2 Arena booked for 22nd October. Manchester was to have been on the 23rd October, but will no longer be taking place.

Paul Pledger