Yes, Prime Minister returns for a third term with 2012/13 run

Posted: 16th May 2012
The classic comedy about the hapless Jim Hacker returns to face coalition and economic meltdown with customary blissful ignorance and good humour, tickets available now

In the early eighties, a Tory-led government tackled civil unrest, thorny foreign policy issues, war, unemployment, political scandal, public sector cuts and economic woe. How times have changed. Two men, Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn, found the humour in the politics of the day and brought it to the small screen with the help of Jim Hacker, a government minister whose decision-making was heavily influenced by his Permanent Secretary, Sir Humphrey Appleby.

Hacker was so hapless that he eventually stumbled into the top job and the sitcom Yes, Minister quickly graduated into Yes, Prime Minister. In the hands of Paul Eddington (Hacker) and Nigel Hawthorne (Appleby), the two lead characters became some of the most popular ever in British television comedy. In 2010, around 25 years after it last aired on the BBC, Yes, Prime Minister came alive once more; this time on the stage and starring, initially, David Haig (Four Weddings and a Funeral's lovelorn puppy dog Bernard) as Hacker.

In 2012, with political satire as popular as ever, Jay and Lynn have updated their script with, no doubt, a few references to hacking, expenses and the Eurozone crisis to bring Jim Hacker to life once more at the Trafalgar Studios, running until next January. As always with Hacker, the latest instalment of Yes, Prime Minister promises to be another riot of laughs and cutting satire.

Yes Prime Minister returns at the Trafalgar Studios from Wednesday 6th June 2012, now booking until Saturday 12th January 2013. We have Top Price Stalls available now, priced £46.50.

Stewart Darkin