Chew Lips suck it and see with handful of 2012 UK shows

Posted: 9th May 2012
London pop-duo ask 'Do You Chew?' with new track and intimate shows, tickets on sale now

'There's no place like home', so sang The Wizard of Oz's young Dorothy all those years ago and, in Chew Lips' case, that statement was certainly true when it came to gaining a reputation as a must-see band a few years back. The London duo actually started life as a trio, comprised of feisty singer 'Tigs' (real name Alicia), James Watkins and now ex-member, Will Sanderson, forming in 2008 and quickly cementing their grip on the London live circuit. After issuing a few singles and as a result of signing to über-cool label Kitsune, they played their first tour in 2009, armed with songs ready for a debut album that occupied a few key shelves in London's HMV's and Fopps early in 2010..

Pitched somewhere around Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco and School of Seven Bells, Chew Lips 'Unicorn' was a sleek machine with enough warmth to render it the work of humans, as well as computers, without sounding too, you know, Hoxton or Dalston. But did they have more in their arsenal than just the singles 'Play Together' and 'Karen'? Indeed, they did. 'Eight', 'Gold Key' and 'Too Much Talking' were possibly better single choices, although none of the band's output has so far troubled any chart-compiler sites. Yet.

2012 will see Chew Lips return to the fold with a few live shows and a new album, set for release later in the year. Beforehand, there is the small matter of a small tour with a big objective - to push their new songs. If the track embedded here is anything to go by, the answer to that song's question is a definite 'yes'. 'Do You Chew?' is a metro-electro power-pop nugget that bodes well for the album and those all-important shows which start in Bristol on 28th June, followed by Manchester, Glasgow and London. The venues are intimate, the tickets aren't expensive (£8) and are available from us now.

Paul Pledger