The Bodyguard musical to open in London in November 2012

Posted: 1st May 2012
The Adephi Theatre will stage the musical based on the work of the late Whitney Houston and her most successful film, 1992's The Bodyguard - tickets available now

After Michael Jackson passed away in June 2009, those late to the party were repulsed by the thought that the Thriller Live musical might cash in on his memory. The reality was that the project was planned long before the singer's sad, shocking demise and had opened around six months prior to his passing.

With rather eerie echoes, The Bodyguard musical is set to open in London just months after the equally shocking death of Whitney Houston, the star of the 1992 film and from whose back catalogue the score is taken. As with Thriller Live, The Bodyguard was planned long before Houston met her untimely end and, similarly, the new production will ooze added pathos given the turn of events.

The Grammy and Tony Award winning Heather Headley will play the pop superstar Rachel Marron, Whitney's role in the original film, while the part of the titular bodyguard, Frank Farmer, bewilderingly given to Kevin Costner 20 years ago, will this time be played by Lloyd Owen. The combination of the charismatic and careworn Owen mixed with the Broadway pedigree of Headley promises much and the two will lead the cast through an adapted book which varies from the original film plot.

Previews of The Bodyguard at London's Adelphi Theatre begin on 6th November 2012 with the opening night on 5th December and bookings are now being taken until April 2013. There are afternoon performances on most (but not all) Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3pm

We have tickets available now priced from £19 for the Upper Circle to £94 for the very best stalls. Although everyone involved wishes it were not the case, the fact is Whitney Houston's tragic death will boost both media interest and ticket sales, so do not leave it long to secure your tickets.

Stewart Darkin