The Wedding Present announce Seamonsters UK tour for late 2012

Posted: 30th April 2012
Peel Favourites to perform classic 1991 Top-20 album and more, tickets on sale now/Wednesday 2nd May
The Wedding Present

It seems the current practice of artists and bands performing their albums 'in their entirety', isn't going to cease anytime soon, but who can blame them? During the '90s and '00s. when it came to churning out old tunes at gig after gig after gig, many outfits either got bored and refused to play them, instead preferring to bore the hell out of punters with our/my 'new direction' or gave up and returned to bus driving or A&R.

Other bands like The Wedding Present may have gone through several line-up changes since their 'heyday', but they haven't compromised on quality. Recent album 'Valentina' might not hold sway with the same loyal fans who fawned over the George Best-adorned 1986 debut-album, er, 'George Best', but it is a robust enough set that heralded yet another change in the ranks - Patrick Alexander has just replaced Graeme Ramsay on guitar.

After their recent album-recital tours featuring 'George Best' and its major-label follow-up 'Bizarro', it seems only right that Gedge and co should revisit perhaps their biggest success to date. 'Seamonsters' appeared in the spring of 1991 and marked a continuation of their relationship with renowned grunge and alternative guru Steve Albini at the helm. Rougher, tougher and much more powerful than its predecessors, 'Seamonsters' featured the singles 'Dalliance' and 'Lovenest' and became a benchmark for future releases. Translated into a live show, you can expect proceedings to be VERY LOUD.

So then, might be an idea to have those earplugs on standby in the autumn - The Wedding Present will be performing the whole album in its entirety, starting in Bournemouth on 26th October, followed by towns such as Bristol, Newcastle and Birmingham. These shows will be on sale via us on Wednesday morning at 9am, while Southsea, Nottingham, Norwich and Cambridge are all on sale now. Prices start at around £14.

Paul Pledger