Tim Key adds London residency to his 2012 Masterslut Tour

Posted: 11th October 2012
Following its 2011 Edinburgh debut, the comedian and poet will perform at the Arts Theatre for a short run in November, on sale now
Tim Key

Recently we told you about Tim Key's current (and fast-selling) Masterslut jaunt. Not content with gallivanting around the UK, the esteemed 'bad poet' has now announced his intent to perform a ten-show run at London's Arts Theatre from 15th to 24th November. Tickets for the shows are on sale from us now, priced at £14.

The Masterslut tour itself kicked-off recently and still has a cluster of shows to play out, including Shrewsbury on 18th October and others that include Coventry, Manchester, Sheffield and more until Oxford on 13th November. Tour tickets also start from £14 (most are £15).

Tim Key has quietly become one of British comedy's most compelling success stories and, unusually, he has done the majority of the legwork away from the profile-enhancing powers of the telly box. It's all been a bit more stealthy and understated. Low key, if you like [ouch! - Ed].

Not that he hasn't enjoyed wide, jubilant acclaim for his performances at Edinburgh, his radio work and his appearances on shows like Charlie Brooker's Newswipe (with a segment called The Topical Poetry of Tim Key). And it is for poetry that Key is perhaps best known. His 2009 Edinburgh Fringe show, Slutcracker, won Key that year's Edinburgh Comedy Award.

Slutcracker featured Key's 'deliberately bad poetry' and a few short films starring Key, including an appearance as an office worker overseeing the slaughter of an eel. His often subtle, oblique humour combines elements of nonsense and self-deprecation and it is a winning recipe; audiences cannot get enough of him. His latest show, Masterslut, debuted at Edinburgh last August.

Paul Pledger