A Day Overdue and That Sunday Feeling to appear on the 'Touring Is For Losers' spring 2012 UK tour

Posted: 16th April 2012
Both bands also headlining their own UK 2012 tours in the summer, tickets on sale now

The ever-increasing phenomena of bedfellows in rock continues apace with two upcoming pop-punk outfits all set to share the spoils on an upcoming tour, as well as performing their own lengthy headline tours throughout the summer. Now, who do we talk about first? Alphabetically speaking, A Day Overdue lead the way, certainly when it comes to the flyers and listings for the amusingly-entitled Touring Is For Losers, er, tour that they will be embarking on with That Sunday Feeling during May 2012.

With a new single, 'Storylines', just issued via iTunes, A Day Overdue have good reason to be heading out on the road. In line with previously unleashed ADO tunes, 'Storylines' is a crunchy little snack worth savouring - check it out, we've included it in this article. No doubt they will be wheeling the track out during the four shows that also include sets from headliners That Sunday Feeling plus Alone Tonight and Show It Off, starting with Nottingham on the 26th May, followed by Bristol, Newcastle and Glasgow. Tickets are spankingly cheap as well - £6 for four bands, bosh.

All hell is let loose in July when both bands will embark on their own headline tours, starting with A Day Overdue in Newcastle on 9th July 2012, followed by Leeds, Norwich, Nottingham and loads more until the closing show in Aberdeen on 26th July. Support for all shows comes from The Call Back Academy plus one other from either All So Reckless, Relentless in Love or Homebound Heroes. Tickets cost from just £5!

And not to be outdone, That Sunday Feeling also have a clutch of shows booked for July and August. The opening night is in Birmingham on 24th July, followed by Cardiff, Brighton, Islington and more until Manchester on 5th August. Again, ticket prices are dirt-cheap - just £6 for all shows including the London one. Plus you get support from Amy Can Flyy and Falling Faster. That Sunday Feeling will also be releasing a new EP in the summer entitled 'Vacant and Complacent', something you shouldn't be when considering these tours so get involved!

Paul Pledger