Leonard Cohen relocates A Day at Hop Farm 2012 shows to Wembley Arena

Posted: 23rd August 2012
Reason given as 'unforeseen circumstances' - Extra tickets for both concerts on sale Friday 24th August

This is very big news for those of you hoping to see Leonard Cohen perform live in deepest Kent in a few week's time - sadly, it isn't going to happen. That's the bad news. The good news it the shows will still go ahead, but in London instead.

At the time of writing, no explanation has been given for the relocation, except that 'unforeseen circumstances' have dictated the decision (rather than Leonard Cohen's, so don't blame him folks). Holders of original tickets should contact their original point of purchase for a new ticket issue and an exclusive pre-sale offer for the 'best seats in the house' (or a refund if you can't make it to London).

Therefore, the Old Ideas world tour dates originally planned for A Day at Hop Farm on 8th and 9th September 2012 will now take place at Wembley Arena with extra tickets due to go on sale at 9am on Friday 24th August. Whilst 'A Night in Brent' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, Cohen is still an engaging live prospect and well worth getting tickets for.

Lou Reed was once quoted as describing Leonard Cohen as "belonging to the highest and most influential echelon of songwriters" - and that was according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame press-release in 2008, just prior to inducting the same songwriter into its already-bulging role-call of the artistically and musically great and good. Nothing could have prepared him for 2012 though - his newest set, "Old Ideas", has topped the charts in nine countries and reached 2 or 3 in another half-dozen, including the UK.

Paul Pledger