Marilyn Manson is a Born Villain with 2012 London show and new album

Posted: 11th April 2012
Controversial US 'Antichrist' goth-rock superstar to perform in Brixton in July, tickets on sale Thursday 12th April

In 1989, a young student and budding music journalist decided to form a band (as you do) with two college friends. Nothing odd about this, you might think. The student was named Brian Warner, which may or may not conjure up images of a geeky tech-head or an estate agent, certainly not a rock 'n' roll icon at any rate. Sorry Brians everywhere. And Warners. Brian Johnson excepted. And Warner Brothers perhaps. This Brian changed his name to Marilyn Manson, added The Spooky Kids to the dichotomy of pretty, iconic movie star and not-so-pretty US criminal Charles Manson and created an upsurge in complaints from worried parents for decades to come.

Controversy has followed the heavily-made up goth-metal surrealist like a snapping dog, with Marilyn Manson seen as an unexplainable threat to American morals and the worst of teenage obsessions. However, try to stop a teenage audience from doing anything and they'll go and do it - Manson was prime evil rebellion personified. Tracks such as 'Get Your Gunn', 'Beautiful People' and 'Tourniquet' appeared to glorify the baddest of human traits, although many argue that Manson is merely commenting on events. Or being blamed for them. Musically, his band have successfully forged an engaging link between death metal and industrial rock (hi, Gary Numan and Nine Inch Nails) and were even nominated for Grammys, some years back. That's almost a 'like' from the American music industry.

After a string of line-up changes and a switch to once-fey UK indie Cooking Vinyl, 2012 promises to be the return of Marilyn Manson, mainly thanks to the 'Hey Cruel World' tour which is set to start this spring - oh, and a new album. Numerous US states and the first chunk of Europe will experience new material taken from that upcoming album, 'Born Villain', before Manson heads over to the UK for one solitary, but nonetheless, huge show.

Brixton Academy will host the only UK appearance by Manson on 5th July. Tickets will cost £30 and will go on sale from us on Thursday 12th April at 9am! You know this is going to sell out in seconds so don't miss out!

Paul Pledger