Morrissey announces another 2012 UK show!

Posted: 13th June 2012
The iconic star will now perform in Manchester and Edinburgh, the Scottish show is on sale Friday 15th June
Morrissey - Image:

After initial reports suggested Morrissey's intent to play just a homecoming show this year, he's now added a second to the schedule, this time in Edinburgh on 30th July, in addition to Manchester just two days before. This all suggests that more shows could be announced in the coming weeks, that is, unless he retires (which he's suggested as being a reality come 2014).

You can say what you like about Morrissey - most people have - but his position as a figure of huge musical influence cannot be in question. From the kitchen sink dramas of early-eighties' Salford, through animal activism, sexual identity and the romance of crime - Morrissey's back catalogue boasts a chapter on most topics.

It seems that no decade would be complete without a quote or misquote relating to one of society's most emotive and decisive issues, be it race, sexuality, politics or religion. A quick google will soon unearth a Morrissey episode related to one or all of the above, mired in debate or controversy to some extent or another.

Yet, so much of what Morrissey says or does is taken with a pinch of salt by a deeply loyal fan base whose lives have been positively affected by his indie missives from Britain's broken industrial heartland. A generation of jumped up pantry boys have trudged slowly over wet sand as Morrissey and The Smiths soundtracked an indie generation. His influence, with Marr, Rourke and Joyce, or as a solo artist, cannot - must not - be underestimated and he continues to make headlines and draw huge crowds three decades after setting out.

The Edinburgh show will take place at the Usher Hall and we will have tickets from 9am on Friday 15th June, with prices starting at £32.50. Manchester tickets are still available as either Standard £35 seats or variously-priced Premium resales starting at £37 (at time of going to press).

Stewart Darkin