Tamsin Greig is Jumpy in the West End for autumn 2012

Posted: 28th March 2012
The Olivier award-winning star of Green Wing and Friday Night Dinner leads April De Angelis' Jumpy at the Duke of York's Theatre, tickets available now

Jumpy is the story of Hilary, a 50-year-old wife and mother who once campaigned against nuclear weapons at Greenham Common but now seems to spend all her time trying to dodge the slings and arrows of middle age. And before you think it ridiculous that one as fresh-faced as Tamsin Greig should play a 50-year-old, be aware that the actor is herself 45, albeit a rather youthful 45.

Her story is, no doubt, a familiar one to women everywhere who face the premature perils of middle class middle age; watching the wine consumption while fretting that her teenage daughter, Tilly, is 'dressing like a hooker' and getting up to God-knows-what.

Hilary has also been made redundant and continues to worry about her marriage beginning to crumble. She sobs, her daughter drinks too much, the audience laughs and Frances, Hilary's best friend, suggests Burlesque dancing as a route out of the gloom.

It is an affectionate study of a woman facing some of life's many inevitabilities and Greig's Hilary will count many kindred spirits among the full houses it plays to. The production opens on Thursday 16th August running until 3rd November 2012 - there are matinees on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and no Sunday performances. Press night is Tuesday 28th August.

We have tickets available now, priced from just £15 for standing/bench seats to £75 for the very best stalls.

Stewart Darkin