Derren Brown brings Svengali back to London for summer 2012 run

Posted: 23rd March 2012
The self-proclaimed sceptic is bringing his hit show Svengali back to the West End for a month-long run at the Novello Theatre, tickets available now

Derren Brown, the celebrated hypnotist and avowed sceptic, claims only to have mastered misdirection and the finer workings of the human mind.

Perhaps so. Or, maybe, he is a sorcerer and we are but stooges in his greatest act of misdirection yet; convincing us he's a mere muggle while diverting attention from his record-breaking collection of Hogwarts' housepoints.

Either way, Derren Brown shows make for cracking entertainment, confounding audiences up and down the nation with stunts that can seemingly only be explained by virtue of some kind of supernatural influence.

Of course, he's just an extraordinarily clever individual brimming with what my grandad would call 'front'. Which is what makes him even more compelling/infuriating, being certain that he can't possibly have known that, yet...

Expect more dropped jaws when Brown brings his sensationally successful Svengali show back to London for a month-long run at the Novello Theatre from 12th July to 11th August 2012. We have tickets available now, priced from just £16 for balcony seats rising to £76 for the very best stalls.

Ahead of the London run, the tour continues throughout the spring and summer - we have tickets available for a whole range of dates; see below.

Stewart Darkin