Adrenaline Mob rules with first 2012 UK tour-dates

Posted: 22nd March 2012
US metal supergroup to perform new album "Omertà", tickets on sale Friday 23rd March/ Monday 26th March 2012
Dream Theater

If you are already fumbling to find a translation site on Google, I'll save you the bother. Essentially, "Omertà" is a blood-oath taken by potential applicants to the mafia - hence the rather Godfather-esque logo adopted by the latest metal supergroup to come blasting its way out of the States.

Adrenaline Mob were formed last year when two of the band met during Megadeth's "Gigantour" in 2005 - drummer Mike Portnoy, normally of Dream Theater (who were part of the tour) and briefly of Avenged Sevenfold, enlisted vocalist Russell Allen's Symphony X as support. After some time, Allen found himself and his band supporting Dream Theater on a lengthy tour in 2007. The two musicians clicked, jammed and vowed they'd work together at some point, a portent of what is happening right now.

The membership of Adrenaline Mob increased when metal-shredder Mike Orlando (previously working with Zakk Wylde and Sonic Stomp) joined the fray after working on Allen's 2011 solo album and most recent member John Moyer, from Disturbed, completes the picture with typically gut-rumbling bass-grinding.

With the quartet now complete, a new album needs promoting, the aforementioned "Omertà", dressed in a sinister, skeletally-inspired sleeve reminiscent of Sacred Reich, Sodom or Nuclear Assault. Adrenaline Mob's first UK tour will begin in Manchester on 30th June 2012, followed by Birmingham (1st), Cambridge (2nd) and London on the 3rd July. We will have tickets for Manchester's Moho Live, Cambridge Junction and KOKO in Camden from 9am tomorrow morning (Friday 23rd March), while the Brummie show hits the servers on Monday 26th March at 9am.

Paul Pledger