Bill Bailey becomes the Qualmpeddler for new spring 2012 UK Tour

Posted: 21st March 2012
Northern and Scottish dates confirmed for May, tickets on sale Thursday 22nd March 2012
Bill Bailey - Image:

To be voted into one of those Top 100 lists at all is an achievement in itself, even if you've been acclaimed as one of life's irritating gits or the maker of an intrinsically BAD movie. I won't mention much about "John Carter", the latest cash-haemorrhaging Disney vehicle, suffice to say it'll be high up the rankings in Channel 4's next talking-head-cum-listings marathon. Bill Bailey won't ever have to worry about being in any 'crap' lists, because he is part-genius (the other part is self-professed 'troll'). He's only been in 'good' lists, such as the Top 100 Greatest Stand-ups on, yep you've guessed it, Channel 4, as well as being on many punter's own must-see comedians before it's too late.

His trademark of course is, aside from the surrealism that bubbles in his head like some kind of psychological sherbet, sending up rock-stars and parodying the pomposity out of them to boot. Perhaps one of his most memorable has been "Das Hokey Kokey", marvellously poking fun at Kraftwerk. I think they might have secretly approved. Bailey has left his regular captaincy-slot on BBC's Never Mind the Bollocks, firmly behind him, a fact strengthened by the announcement of a NEW show!

His last show "Dandelion Mind" was such a raving success, he 'gently modified' it with more silliness and ad-hoc musical parodies and promptly sold out another string of shows. And he must have known you've arrived at the altar of cool when you stare out from a stage and realise, 'holy crumpets, it's 2011 and I'm performing at Knebworth's Sonisphere!'.

For 2012, Bill Bailey will become the Qualmpeddler whereby he experiences an unease about our modern world. But with the power of dubstep, Downton Abbey, bouzoukis, dentistry, the alignment of the planets and the reunion of the Spice Girls, the hairy funnyman just might start to make sense of it all - or maybe it's simply the end of days.

The first 'Qualmpeddler' shows will take place around the north of England and the highlands and islands of Scotland, starting with Lancaster on 14th May, followed by two shows in Carlisle, then Shetland, Orkney, Dunoon, Oban, Stornoway and finally Portree on the Isle of Skye. He'll need his sea-legs and you'll need your credit/ debit-cards on Thursday 22nd March to grab these tickets sharpish. Prices start at £17.50.

Paul Pledger