The Cult and The Mission unite for 2012 tour as Killing Joke now absent without shows

Posted: 4th September 2012
Black denim heavyweights rally for autumn 2012 UK 'Choose Your Weapon' tour, tickets still available
The Cult

Through no fault of The Cult, their upcoming tour has been something of a logistical challenge. Originally all shows were due to be staged in outsized arenas, but each gig was eventually relocated to a smaller more intimate venue. As if that wasn't enough, Killing Joke's lead-singer Jaz Coleman then embarked on a 'nomadic trip to Africa'. As you do. He didn't tell anyone apparently, which probably caused a bit of friction inside the band and with his tour-mates, Ian Astbury and Wayne Hussey's The Mission.

Confusion still reigns (Coleman was bemused at the fuss upon his return) but one thing is for sure - Killing Joke will not be going on tour with The Cult or The Mission (or Gun, if you happen to be going to Glasgow to see them). Prices for the remaining, recently-relocated shows are still out there, priced at £35 upwards. We imagine that where three was a crowd, two might be better company for the good of these shows.

Paul Pledger