Lee Nelson's Live 2012 UK tour just got well wickedly extended - new autumn shows just announced

Posted: 9th March 2012

Qwaliteeeeeee!! Well legend!! Likeable cap-donning comedy-oaf Lee Nelson, aka Simon Brodkin, will soon be able to afford riding in a limo, rather than surfing shopping trollies round Asda's pot-holed car parks. After the success of Nelson's recent TV series, the cleverly-named 'Lee Nelson's Well Good Show', and his sold-out 2011 tour, it comes as no surprise that he and his mate Omelette will be out in force for a UK tour in 2012. However, those early spring shows are also selling out pretty fast. The solution? It's obvious - add more shows.

As Nelson's garishly-tagged website succinctly states, his tour is "extended coz it's mentally popular". And it's a fact - Lee Nelson has certainly been striking more chords than most caricature comedians. He's just so 'British' - the amiable wide-eyed expression, the swaggering gait and dappy (pun intended) dialogue makes for cringe-worthiness in a good way. His 'fat legend' mate, Omelette, adds to the anarchy and the laughs. If you met them in the street, you'd probably cross the road, just in case. On stage, you'd happily sport them a round of drinks.

The new autumn shows feature several new venues not played before on this tour, plus extras where demand has exceeded supply. Towns include Folkestone, Reading, extras in Aldershot and St Albans plus final nights in Exeter and Glasgow in December. Tickets for the new leg cost around £22.50 - £23.50, although that Exeter show on 2nd December is only £15!! Bangin'!!

Paul Pledger