The Rumble of Chevy Thunder - Spector unveil their 2012 UK Spectour

Posted: 1st March 2012

Now that the Best of 2011 and Sound of 2012 lists have finally been put to bed, artists and bands like Spector (nominated in varieties of both) can get on with the grizzly business of dealing with 'the debut album', 'the awards ceremonies' and 'the intrusive press' asking 'why are you called Spector?'.

Actually, that's not a bad question that warranted a better answer than lead-singer Frederick Macpherson offered to online-blog Soundblab. During a recent interview, the singer stated "....we just had a different name every week and that happened to be the one we had when it came to pressing up our first single." Not a hint of Phil, guitars or James Bonds' nemesis-organization (different spelling, admittedly).

If the East Londoners are hoping to be left in peace this year, they've got another think coming. Having already been chosen as support for Florence and the Machine's UK tour in March, just behind The Horror's in supporting line-up pecking-order, audience-levels should be a Litmus test for potential-sales of future releases. Four singles in, including the recent "Chevy Thunder" and much attention from critics, suggests they might have an outside chance of outlasting one album. That opus in question remains untitled, but sits on Amazon with a release-date of 30th April.

Plenty of time, therefore, to get ready for a headlining tour of their own. Entitled "Spectour 3" (groan - and no, I didn't help them with the pun-packed name), the jaunt will take place in May starting in Nottingham on the 1st, followed by Glasgow, Edinburgh and several more until the last two in Bristol (16th) and London (17th).

We will have tickets for all shows from Friday 2nd March at 9am, except for the Live at Leeds 2012 show on 5th May, which is on sale at £20 as part of the whole wristbanded-event.

Paul Pledger