Cillian Murphy stars in Enda Walsh's Misterman at the National Theatre - tickets available now

Posted: 24th February 2012

In perhaps his most famous screen role, Cillian Murphy spent a large chunk of Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later wandering the streets of a deserted London; the lone player on the world's great stage. The acclaimed Irish actor is returning to the capital in the spring to appear in Ende Walsh's Misterman, in which, conversely, Murphy plays every single character.

Misterman is set in Inishfree, evidently a charming small town in Ireland. But, beneath the quaint veneer, there are dark, sinful forces at work - or so the fierce evangelist Thomas Magill believes. To many, Dwain Flynn is the life and soul of the party; to Magill he's miserable soak. What's more, you should see the way Timmy O'Leary treats his delightful mother and dear Mrs Cleary is a blaspheming harridan. Magill casts himself as the town's saviour but no-one will listen, pushing him further and further to achieve his goal and see Inishfree cleansed of its sin and its sinners.

Cillian Murphy has shown himself to be a highly versatile actor, from playing an Irish revolutionary in the 2006 Palm D'Or winning The Wind That Shakes The Barley to the cartoonish horror of The Scarecrow in the Batman/Dark Knight franchise and, of course, memorably carrying scene after scene of Boyle's brilliant and grisly 28 Days Later. Unsurprisingly, that class has shone through as Misterman collected oustanding reviews in Galway and then New York in 2011.

Misterman with Cillian Murphy previews at the Lyttelton Theatre on Saturday 14th and Monday 16th April, with a full opening on 17th April, running until Monday 28th May 2012 including matinée performances.

We have tickets available now, with prices starting at £26.

Stewart Darkin