Mystery Jets to take new record on the road with spring 2012 UK tour - tickets now

Posted: 24th February 2012
Mystery Jets

Legend has it that the Mystery Jets were originally called the 'Misery Jets' but a simple typo by a band member lead to the renaming. 'Mystery Jets' is, let's be honest, a much better name (Misery Jets sounds like a basketball team for manic depressives).

But no, the misery was duly dispatched and the mystery solved as Henry Harrison and son Blaine, along with William Rees, set about producing inventive indie with its infectious storytelling and experimental accents. Blaine's lead vocal and Henry's background in design (he was formerly an architect) give Mystery Jets an irresistible cool and it comes through in music which has built the band a deeply loyal fan-base around the world.

The Mystery Jets release their fourth studio album, 'Radlands', on 30th April and will be taking the new material on an extensive UK tour. The record represents another step forward for the band, it being their first recorded in America. In Austin, Texas, in fact, home to SXSW and a place of diverse musical influence. 'Radlands' promises much.

The UK tour kicks off in Leeds on 28th March, followed by Carlisle, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Cardiff, Oxford, Bath and more, before the final date at the Brixton Academy on 18th May 2012.

We have tickets available now, priced £15 for Brixton and £12.50 for all other dates.

Stewart Darkin