A Helping Hand for Poppy with special guest Dynamo - tickets available now

Posted: 20th February 2012

Every now and then, an outstanding performer draws attention back to a neglected part of the entertainment industry, something the UK illusionist and trickster Dynamo has been doing for magic.

Aside from the high profile of big-name 'mentalists' like Derren Brown, good old fashioned magic - sleight of hand and cunning trickery - was enduring a lean spell on mainstream television. The emergence of Dynamo in the last three or four years has done much to raise the profile of 'traditional' magic and to remind all of us just what good fun it is. With magic now seeping back into primetime slots on the BBC and ITV, its renaissance is long overdue.

Still, Dynamo is an elusive man and any appearance is greeted with excitement. In April, he will be the special guest at A Helping Hand for Poppy, to be held at the home of the Magic Circle and with all profits going to and Reach (, the Association for Children with Upper Limb Deficiency.

During the evening, you'll get to explore the headquarters and the largest magic collection in Europe, as well as visit The Magic Circle Museum and have a chance to meet Dynamo in person. Attention then switches to The Magic Circle Theatre a show featuring some of the finest magic and illusions presented by Magic Circle magicians

A Helping Hand for Poppy takes place at the Magic Circle HQ in London on Thursday 12th April 2012. We have tickets available for this one-off charity fundraiser priced £60 which includes full reception, entertainment, tour of The Magic Circle museum all followed by the Theatre Show.

We also have VIP tickets available for £120. These include all the above plus a three-course dinner, wine and coffee, and sleight of hand magicians wowing you at your dinner table.

Stewart Darkin