Keane follow-up Bexhill exclusives with full summer 2012 UK Tour and new album - tickets: Friday 24th Feb

Posted: 17th February 2012
Keane - Photo: Jon Stone

Recently, South Coast soft-poppers Keane announced a special exclusive pre-album warm-up in Bexhill-on-Sea on 9th March. And then it turned into two shows, with a second added to 10th March. And then both of them sold out pretty darned quickly, meaning that their mammoth legion of devotees were left thinking, "So where's the tour, guys?". Ponder no more - Keane have announced a UK tour for May and June.

At first glance, nine dates is hardly a biggie but there are plenty of gaps in the calendar between the opening night in Newcastle (23rd May) and the closing show in Brixton (8th June). Currently, the other towns and cities include Glasgow, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Folkestone, Bristol and Leicester. Liverpudlians and Cardiffians might want to start lobbying the band's website forum - meanwhile, we will have tickets for the other lucky places when they go on sale next Friday (24th) at 9am, with prices starting at £25 for the regionals, a bit more for Folkestone (£26) and more for London (£28.50).

It can be pretty much set in stone that their fifth crack at a number one album will also be released at around the same time as the tour and, of course, if you were lucky enough to get a ticket to one of those two Bexhill shows next month, you'll be hearing them before anybody else. Well, except Keane who will hopefully have heard them already!

So then: Next Friday at 9am - be here and be Keane!

Paul Pledger