Hugh Laurie's still got the blues - 2012 UK shows on sale Friday 17th Feb

Posted: 14th February 2012

The list of leading actors who attempt, and fail, to mirror their success on screen with a music career is a mercifully short one. Thanks to Hugh Laurie's incredibly popular renaissance as a singer of the blues, that particularly inglorious list is not going to be getting any longer just yet.

Part of the reason that some big names stumble when they pursue a career in music after success as an actor is that the public seems often to begrudge them any glory. The musical offerings are seen as little more than a hobby gleefully pursued thanks to a lack of anything else to do between projects.

But, some performers buck the trend and transcend both worlds successfully. One such actor-cum-singer is our very own Hugh. Not least because he attracts platitudes like 'our very own'. Despite being currently the most successful television actor in the world, thanks to 'House', his late blooming blues career has been warmly received. Partly because we know from his many roles that he has always been a keen musician but also because everyone likes him so much. He's just too bloody nice - and good - to be sceptical about.

So Hugh sings the blues and sings it well. And, quite rightly, he has found the demand for his musical talents to be as vigorous as it is for his screen skills. After a handful of sold-out gigs last year, he's returning to the UK music scene with three summer dates announced so far.

The first is in Glasgow on 29th June, followed by Salford and then finally the Hammersmith Apollo on Monday 2nd July.

We will have tickets when they go on sale at 9am on Friday 17th February, priced from £35 for all three venues.

Demand will be extraordinarily high. You have been warned.

Stewart Darkin