It all fits perfectly for White Denim: May 2012 UK tour just announced - tickets on sale Friday

Posted: 7th February 2012

Several decades ago during the late '60s, the artful, chemical and musical phenomena of psychedelia gripped the American outback, as well as the biggest bands in the world such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Away from the mainstream however, groups were dressing their psychedelic music in a jacket of swirling feedback and hippy lyrics, their record sleeves in garish pantones and themselves in fluffy collars, kaftans and a natty line in stripey pants. Add in a LOT of drugs and you have a heady cocktail of peaceful, free-loving folk and several full police cells across every interstate. By the latter end of the decade, if you didn't own at least one release by 13th Floor Elevators (any), The Byrds ('Eight Miles High'), The Doors, a Nuggets compilation or a copy of controversial Oz magazine, you weren't with it - you were square, Daddy-o.

Nowadays, the influence of psychedelic is prevalent throughout popular music, albeit in sanitised form. Julian Cope, Spiritualized, The Stone Roses, Leafhound and Oasis have all tapped into the genre, either full-on or as practicing dabblers. It could be argued that Texas-based band, White Denim are doing the same, given the subject matter of last year's change in direction.

The single 'Drug' (you can watch the video on this page) is lock-stock-and-barrel spaced-out jangly-pop, more of which, according to their songwriter James Petralli, you'll hear on their next album, the follow-up to 2011's woozy 'D', from where 'Drug' was taken from. As the band mature into a heady blast of druggy time-signatures and whistleable melodies, interest from a broad palette of onlookers increases. It's only a matter of time. Having recently supported the not-too-dissimilar Wilco on a US tour, White Denim are heading to the UK for a handful of shows in May.

First stop is Bristol's Academy (£12.50) on 21st May, followed by London's HMV Forum (£16.50) on 22nd, Manchester's Ritz (£14) on 23rd and Leeds' Cockpit (£12.50) on the 24th. We'll have tickets available to buy from Friday morning at 9am

Paul Pledger