Staging the Bard's World - British Museum announces huge William Shakespeare exhibition for 2012

Posted: 30th January 2012

Most of you will have experienced one or two examples of William Shakespeare's incredible literature, either Macbeth (the popular school curriculum favourite - "Out damned spot!" and all that), Othello (several high-profile productions have played during the last 30 years) or the many cinematic offerings that include 'Much Ado About Nothing' (directed by Kenneth Branagh, starred Keanu Reeves and Kate Beckinsale), 'The Tempest' (either Peter Greenaway's arty version or Julie Taymor's with Helen Mirren) or the popular 'Romeo and Juliet' (directed by Baz Luhrmann). No matter what your walk of life has been and will be, you'll have come into the Bard's contact.

With the onset of the Olympic Games this summer, London will be an immensely busy city with millions expected to visit the Stratford spectacle, fill up with the huge choice of cuisine and visit the major tourist attractions. One such attraction is the British Museum in Bloomsbury, which is gearing up for something of an Olympic event in itself - a major exhibition devoted to the aforementioned playwright, William Shakespeare. The iconic writer's link with London is already visible on the South Bank with the Globe Theatre, yet his legacy extends far beyond the reproduction open-air theatre (the original of which was built some 400 years ago).

Staging The World attempts to provide an insight into Shakespeare's relationship with the capital, drawing on an immense array of paintings, documents, manuscripts, jewellery and countless artefacts derived from an era when professional theatre was attracting thousands to London, just like the Olympics will do in the summer. His many characters and references will be used to explain the exhibits and the whole thing comes as part of the London 2012 Festival and World Shakespeare Festival 2012.

Tickets for the much-anticipated exhibition, which will run from 19th July to 25th November, are available to buy now, priced from £15 for standard adult tickets, numerous concessions and under 16s go free!! Demand for this exhibition will attract visitors from across the globe (no pun intended) so be Early Bards and book now!!

Paul Pledger