Ursula Martinez: My Stories, Your Emails at the Soho Theatre in 2012 - tickets available now

Posted: 27th January 2012

Ursula Martinez likes to spice things up a bit. One of her acclaimed shows is 'Hanky Panky', a cabaret-style magic striptease act where items of her clothing are used to hide a handkerchief. Once the hanky is uncovered, the offending piece of clothing is discarded until she is on stage in nothing but her frugally proportioned underwear. Which is also then discarded. And she still manages to hide the hanky.

But don't be mistaken - this is not intended as sordid titillation. Nor is it meant in a worthy, earnest 'arty' way. No, Martinez's routines, including the bits where she shows her bits, are all just a necessary part of an innovative performer's acclaimed shtick. In another, 'Light My Fire', Martinez's underwear bursts into flames.

But this is no penny-dreadful peep show. Ursula Martinez is the writer, comedian and performer. She sings, interacts, bares her soul, dances. Her shows have themes and they have a start, middle and end. It's just that there's occasional nudity. Her latest show, 'My Stories, Your Emails', centres on the content of a series of emails sent to Martinez, some from strangers, which form a 'comical and uncompromising investigation into identity, relationships, confession, obsession, miscommunication, fame, sex, loneliness and the internet'. All delivered in Martinez's highly original, and entertaining, style.

My Stories, Your Emails will be at London's Soho Theatre nightly (except Sundays) from Monday 27th February until Saturday 10th March.

We have tickets available now, priced from £10 to £17.50, starting at £15 for Friday and Saturday night performances.

Stewart Darkin